The surest way to a disaster is to meet your photographer for the first time on the morning of your wedding when there is enormous pressure on everyone to get things done on time, I just don't do it that way. 
I include it, the engagement shoot, in the package as it is absolutely critical to the success of your wedding photos in the end. The session is aimed at us getting to know each other in order for you to be comfortable in front of the camera. 
Most people are not models and therefore are not used to being photographed so intensely, but more importantly, often also appear awkward in front of the lens as they do not know how to "pose" correctly, so to say. 
The engagement session is designed to teach you how to pose, get you comfortable in front of the lens and help you understand what to do on the big day to ensure you get great natural looking photos that look unposed.
There are a few images attached here to illustrate the point, Morne & Alison were totally shy and uncomfortable when I took my camera out the bag with many excuses and objections.  10 minutes later we started shooting and you can see the improvement by the end. Needless to say, the wedding went off a breeze after they knew what to do.
We would also use this opportunity to discuss your wedding day timeline and other finer detail about your day's photography. This can be scheduled separately though if  the schedule does not allow for it.
We have to be comfortable with each other and know what is expected of each other on the day.  If you run into a problem, you must know you can press on my button if need be.

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