The business of wedding photography is all about people - relationships, trust and friendship.
An engagement in itself is a significant event.  
A commitment between two people, to each other.  
A step along the road leading up to the wedding. 
As such, we feel it deserves its own celebration.  
An engagement shoot captures this special event
and the couple, at that magical moment in time,
and allows them to later relive the excitement of a future together,
of love blossoming, and pure happiness.
The engagement shoot has a largely practical side too.
It  provides an invaluable opportunity to work with your photographer before your wedding day. 
You have the time to get to know each other and build a trusting relationship.
Your whole wedding day will be spent with your wedding photographer close by.
Apart from taking momentous photos,
he’s also your problem solver on the day, 
your hand-holder if you need one, 
keeps the time-line running according to plan,
your go-to guy - your photographer. 
Trusting him is a necessity.
The engagement shoot also allows you the opportunity to become more at ease in front of the camera and become accustomed to lights, flashes and reflectors.
Your photographer will work with you to practice posing, and help you understand what angles work best.
All these essential elements of your engagement shoot 
will ensure that the images captured on your wedding day are magical and captivating.

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