Farm Weddings
12 Feb, 2021

The best kind of wedding there is, and if it is on a Karoo farm  there is the extra sparkle of the stars in the night sky.

Generally these are relaxed events set in a rustic surrounding  hosted by the most hospitable & down to earth folk. You will hear things like “ it will be ready when its ready, right now it is still in the oven busy doing its thing…” , at this point you would be advised to get something cold to drink & go enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Lush green lawns, large shade trees, a white marquee tent filled with tables decorated with indigenous flowers, a harvest table stacked with a bounty of home made food and a couple of excited farm dogs hoping to join the feast. You can just feel the festive atmosphere when you see this in front of you, its perfect for celebrating the union of two people in love and their families.

Farm wedding venues are usually also set in spectacular scenic surroundings which are perfect for wedding photos that are different from the run of the mill. Often spectacular sunsets paint the sky in rich warm colours before making way for the bright star studded night sky where the Milky Way takes center  stage.

For more on farm  weddings read my blog or contact me to discuss your farm wedding and how you can make it more enjoyable and get great photos of your event.


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