Shortly after the arrival of the new year I set off on a journey into the Karoo, Tankwa Karoo to be specific. The place is hot, to match the warm hospitality of the people that inhabit the Tankwa Karoo.
This is not a three or four hour journey as the mileage count may suggest, it's a day's journey. Spectacular scenery to absorb, while it is probably better to travel slowly anyway.
The hospitality from the people at Gannaga Lodge is just amazing, and they just know you need a few litres of chilled water when you arrive. There is plenty of time for other stuff later. 
Johan and his son Izak together with their staff run an efficient setup at the lodge, from rooms to bar to catering. And if you forget for a moment where you are and feel the urge to be pressed for time because the hands of the clock are approaching a certain hour, they will gently remind you that you are in the middle of nowhere and there is no rush to go anywhere right then. It will be when it is ready!

Saturday morning after breakfast family and friends all chipped in to get the various areas ready for the wedding celebrations later that day. Whether it was planned I don't know, but the men were soon evicted from the reception hall preparations as they were not going with the flow of preparations.... probably a well planned move executed perfectly....
After a light lunch it was off to preparations and getting ready, there was a healthy sized wedding party to get all dressed in a small stone cottage half a mile away from the lodge. Then everyone has to be fitted into a double cab 4x4 again and keep looking pretty.
The ceremony was delivered and the knot tied, Hannes & Linda's families melted into one big happy bunch. Without fuss and fury, the whole congregation lined up for a group photo and then set off towards some refreshments.
Delicious food was enjoyed, speech made in between and then everyone celebrated way into the starry night.

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