Styled engagement shoot, Greyton.
17 Feb, 2021

Hi, I’m Kobus, the face behind Kobus Kruger Photography.

I am using this available time brought about by the lock-down to re-brand my business, build a network and up-skill myself. I think it is critical to prepare for when the wedding industry resumes.

As a photographer, I am inspired by beautiful scenes in nature, breathtaking landscapes, spectacular sunsets and so on. There is one natural phenomenon though that trumps all, seeing how love engulfs two people and how it brings them together. The culmination of this of course is the wedding celebration.

I want to be there to capture as much of it as possible in all its glory, (from the engagement and beyond). This is a sacred position to be in, to get so close to everything on a bride & groom’s special day. Its a position of trust.

Its important to build a solid network with other vendors in the industry so you can refer each other with conficdence. I have taken the initiative to start getting a group together.

For this shoot we focussed on engagement photos and visited the charming little Overberg village of Greyton. This place is so beautiful and has so much to offer.

We were hosted by the gracious people of Via’s Eatery & Roastery. Fabulous food and even better coffee.

The engagement shoot typically focuses on the favourite things my couples like to do together, portraying the magical time they are in love and are celebrating life by doing things together. One adventure at a time, followed by another.

The engagement shoot also provides an opportunity for me to get better acquainted with my couples and to also help them to settle in front of the camera, teach them the ropes about looking good on a photo and create the first chapter in their story together.

On this shoot I also got acquainted with some new equipment in my bag, and realized that I need to spend a little bit more time with it in hand. Results were pleasing overall but not all the settings appeared as easily as they should on the menu screen, hide n seek seemed to be the thing for a while.

A shout out to all the participants in this adventure, their full details are in the favourite vendors blog posts.


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